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I have a lot on my mind right now.  With my plate already full, I have tried to keep myself busier than usual, just so I do not worry too much. I turn to baking at such times and this time I am baking a bit more often than I usually do, even at the oddest hour. As most of you already know, I love baking a lot and that’s my therapy. Well, it’s a week since I baked this recipe and it disappeared in no time, but it’s only now that I could get myself together and gather my thoughts to pen it down. I tried something new and extremely simple this time. It’s been on my mind since my Turkey trip way back in 2008 and again in 2012. That’s where I first tried this moist Middle Eastern cake called Basbousa. It is also called Turkish Revani. It’s a simple cake using semolina and soaked in sugar syrup. The traditional recipe calls for yogurt, since I ran out of it – I tried a different method using condensed milk. It tasted absolutely delicious and pretty much like what I tried in Turkey.

I am dedicating this recipe to my dad who is so fond of sweets and my baked goodies. Unfortunately he has been battling ill health for quite some time now and suddenly it just went from bad to worse last weekend.

I am at absolute war with my emotions right now. I have never in the past 8 years felt so scathed about the distance from homeland.  I have nothing less than a perfect life set here with a beautiful family but there are times when I feel something is amiss.  My dad very proudly says that I am the glue that holds everything together in our family.  Being away from India has only heightened my emotional attachment to my family back there. I know exactly what it is now!

I have felt desperate, annoyed with the distance and disappointed with myself for not being a part of my parent’s life when they need me the most.  They have been my pillar of support throughout. But I failed, when they need me the most. I feel like a terrible daughter. 🙁

Though he is allowed sweets only in moderation – I wish you well and a speedy recovery, so you can enjoy these again!

‘‘Dad, your health and happiness mean the world to me. I pray that you recover soon and are on your feet again.  Hang in there and keep in mind I am right beside you.

So for now Rest, Relax and Recover.. You are surrounded by caring thoughts and warm wishes.  I shall be with you really soon!

I hope I’m not letting you down.’’

Thank you Maa and Didi for you are so strong and graciously handle every difficult situation.

Back to the recipe and my readers, I have been contemplating whether I should be penning down such personal feelings but I just had to vent it out. And I shall be honest, I do feel better. You are a part of my life and journey here and I think it is only fair that you know a little more about me. Well, having said that I do not intend to dampen your spirits. The recipe is worth trying and an absolute winner. It is an excellent tea party cake. You cannot go wrong with this. 🙂 Try it and am sure you will love it!



1 cup or 200 g butter, melted

1 tin or 397 g sweetened Condensed Milk

1½ teaspoons baking powder

2 cups or 320 g semolina

1 cup or 100 g ground almonds

1 cup or 250 ml water

 For the syrup:

1.5 cups or 340 g sugar

1½ cups or 375 ml water

1 tsp lemon juice

2 tsp rose water

Blanched whole almonds for garnish


  1. Preheat oven at 180°C.
  2. Grease a 28cm x 24cm baking tin and set aside. Make sure the sides of the pan are high.
  3. Combine butter, condensed Milk and mix well.
  4. Add semolina, ground almond, baking powder and water and stir until well combined.
  5. Pour and level mixture into the greased pan. Bake at 180°C for approximately 35 minutes or until top is golden.
  6. Meanwhile prepare the syrup. Add sugar and water to a saucepan. Bring to boil and simmer for 6-8 minutes.
  7. Remove from heat and stir in lemon juice and rosewater.
  8. Once the cake is ready, remove from oven and pour all over the cooled syrup.
  9. Refrigerate to cool completely and cut into diamond shape.
  10. Garnish with whole almonds on each diamond.
  11. Serve and Enjoy!

I like this a little warm with some coffee but it is fantastic cold as well 🙂


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