Rainbow Veggie Sandwich

Tell me if this Rainbow Veggie Sandwich doesn’t make you happy? 

Rainbow Veggie Sandwich

Rainbow Veggie Sandwich-this healthy and delicious hummus sandwich is layered with colourful veggies!

I like all vegetables, just like I like all colours, so I decided to layer lots and lots of colourful veggies to create the ultimate veggie sandwich.

Recipe for Hummus: CLICK HERE 

“Eating a rainbow” is a lovely way of improving your diet, it looks good, tastes good and does you good. Check out the colour guide and the benefits it provides.

Guide to healthy colours


Taste the rainbow. Make Rainbow Veggie Sandwich my way:

Rainbow Veggie Sandwich


2 slices of bread


Veggies of your choice to demonstrate the colours of the rainbow.

I chose Tomatoes, Orange capsicum, Yellow capsicum, cucumbers, lettuce & purple cabbage.

Feel free to use your favourite veggies, there are lots of colourful options out there!

1. Spread hummus on each slice of bread.

2. Take one slice of the bread and layer the veggies, starting with the tomatoes and ending with the purple cabbage in rainbow order.

3. Place the other piece of bread on top, hummus side down, and gently press the sandwich together.

Enjoy immediately.

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