White Wine Sangria

White Wine Sangria

It’s Friday today and it offers a warm and sunny weather. The weather reports confirm that it is going to be hotter tomorrow with 14 degrees. That’s a welcome change with flowers blooming and colour all around us. I am longing for brighter days and thinking sangria’s already. And White is on my mind. A White Wine Sangria to be precise. So, let me prep you for the summer with some easy to make drinks.

Sangria’s are commonly made using red wine, but I love the crisp lighter colour of a white wine. You can look up my recipe for Lazy Red Wine Sangria here if you prefer that but today on the agenda is White Wine Sangria.
Easy and stress-free entertaining is always on my mind especially because I love hosting parties and cozy evenings with friends. This drink definitely adds to the ‘hygge’. You can make this in advance and keep it refrigerated until serving which allows the flavors to blend. Add the soda or ginger ale right before serving and it stays perfectly fresh!

I bet you will love this drink as it is light, full of fruity flavor, and packs a punch! Enjoy this deliciously refreshing adult beverage!

White Wine Sangria


750ml white wine (1 bottle)

1 cup ready orange juice

3 oranges (cut into wedges)

1 apple (cut in thin wedges)

1 lemon (cut into wedges)

1 lime (cut into wedges)

60 ml vodka

2 cups or ½ liter ginger ale or club soda

½ cup sugar (optional)


  1. Gather all the ingredients and prep all fruits
  2. Pour the wine into a large pitcher
  3. Add the vodka and orange juice. I do not prefer adding sugar, but if you fancy a sweeter sangria you can add more sugar at this point and stir to dissolve well. Alternatively you can choose a sweeter wine.
  4. Add the cut fruits and chill overnight to let the all the flavors blend in
  5. Just before serving add cold ginger ale or club soda so the sangria retains its sparkle.
  6. Enjoy chilled

Happy Weekend!

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