Mango Angoori Rasmalai

Mango Angoori Rasmalai

If you loved my Angoori Rasmalai post, this variation and twist with the addition of Mangoes, Mango Angoori Rasmalai will blow your mind away.

My affair with mangoes is unstoppable and this fruit never fails to give me a sinful and indulgent treat ever. And though my favorite way to enjoy a mango is on its own, adding some respectable cubes or puree of this fruit takes an ‘ok’ dish to an absolutely amazing level.

One of the most popular Bengali sweet dish which is very similar to Rasmalai, these tiny paneer ball are soaked in milk syrup and flavored with mango and cardamom powder.

Tastes divine and the recipe is completely gluten-free, butter-free, and eggless. Do not be overwhelmed by the number of steps involved. My previous posts will help you achieve perfect rasgullas and making of the rabri is a breeze. There are 2 main parts in making this dish. The first is to make Rasgullas. I have a full detailed post on this – so I recommend that you head there first and come back to make the Mango Ras / Rabri. Related: Rasgulla

Here is how to make Mango Angoori Rasmalai :


Makes: 35-40 mini rasgullas

To make RasgullaFollow this link for my recipe post.

I have specified easy stepwise directions to prepare soft rasgullas at home. This will give you 14 large rasgullas. I prepared small bite-sized balls using the same procedure.

For Mango Ras / Rabri:

1-litre Whole Milk

¼ cup Condensed milk or Sugar (or as per taste)

2 tbsp Chopped nuts (almonds & pistachios)

7-8 Saffron strands

1 tsp cardamom powder

1/2 cup mango puree

For Garnish:

Chopped Mango

Chopped Nuts (pistachios, almonds)


  1. Make Rasgullas as per recipe specified. (You could also use store-bought rasgullas instead if you are short of time)
  2.  To make Ras / Rabri:
    • Heat milk a pan and let it come to a boil
    • Add 1 tbsp hot milk to the saffron strands and stir well
    • Add this saffron mixture to the milk and boil it till it reduced to half. Keep stirring occasionally
    • Add condensed milk or sugar and mix well
    • Now add cardamom, chopped nuts and boil for 5 more mins.
    • Set aside and let it cool
    • When completely cool add the Mango puree with the rasmalai and mix well
  3. To Assemble:
    • Remove prepared rasgullas / cheese balls from sugar syrup and press gently between palm or spatulas to remove excess sugar syrup
    • Transfer them to a bowl and top with Rabri on top of it
    • Refrigerate for 2-3 hours or overnight
    • Garnish with nuts and serve chilled

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