Motichoor Ladoo

Happy Diwali to all of you. May you all have a prosperous year ahead. I have been pressed for time planning my eldest daughter’s 10th Birthday and Diwali. With all party planning on my mind, my daughter asked if I could make her some Motichoor Laddoo’s. Honestly, I was surprised she even remembered what these were called. She was first introduced to these perfectly round mini orange pearls soaked in sugar syrup last year and she immediately loved them. Staying far away from homeland and no sweet shops in our vicinity, this is novelty to us!  So, I owed it to her to try and attempt making these. The recipe seemed to be complicated in terms of number of steps but once tried and tested, I assure you, it is simple and so satisfying.  

It definitely takes some time and effort but is totally out of the world!  Here is how to make Motichoor Ladoo at home.  

Motichoor Ladoo

Makes 15 ladoos 


 For Motichoor Boondi –  

1 cup gram flour / besan  

1 tbsp semolina* (use only if you don’t find coarse gram flour)  

1/4 tsp orange food colour  

Few drops of green food colour  

Oil for deep frying  

A pinch of salt  

3/4 cup water (approx.)  

For Sugar Syrup –  

3/4 cup sugar  

1/4 tsp orange food colour  

1 cup water  

2 green cardamoms  

1/4 tsp rose essence  

Few strands of saffron

Other Ingredients –  

2 tbsp Melon Seeds  

Ghee as needed  

pistachios for garnish



  1. In a mixing bowl add gram flour, semolina, orange food colour and a tiny pinch of salt  
  2. Add water little at a time and mix well to make a lump-free batterThe batter should be free-flowing and of a watery consistency 
  3. Heat oil for frying in a pot on medium flame
  4. Take size-1 Boondi Ladle (smallest holes) and place it directly above the oil for frying, close enough ensuring the batter doesn’t splatter out of the pan. (I used a Microplane grater since I do not have a Boondi ladle. It worked just fine, but increased the time taken since it was small)  
  5. Pour the batter all over the ladle and gently tap the rod with your hand. This ensures that the boondi’s fall into the oil. Do this until the batter is used upMake sure to wash the ladle each time between use and pat dry completely for next batch 
  6. Let the boondi’s cook for a minute approxRemove from oil and drain them on an absorbent paper 
  7. To make the sugar syrup, mix sugar with water and let it come to a boil
  8. Add crushed cardamoms, strands of saffron and rose essence and continue to cook the syrup on medium flame
  9. When the sugar syrup reaches one string consistency it is ready(when the syrup is taken between your forefinger and thumb, a string should form) 
  10. Keep a tablespoon of boondi and 3 tablespoons of warm sugar syrup aside in another bowl. Add 1 drop of green food colour and mix well. Set aside
  11. Now add the remaining prepared boondi in to the warm sugar syrup and add orange food colour to it
  12. Mix roasted melon seeds and cook the mixture for 2-3 mins
  13. Remove from heat and keep it covered for 20-30 mins or until all the sugar syrup is absorbed 
  14. To make the laddoos, grease your palm with ghee and take palm-full of boondi. Press between the palm to form a tight ball  
  15. Garnish with pistachios
  16. Store well in an airtight container for up to 7 days. Enjoy


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